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Oops I meant to write this journal a few days ago :lol: Just under two weeks left until the July 1st deadline! :la:

:bulletblue: Theme: Draw one or more of the characters from my novel!

:bulletblue: Prizes: Core, points, art, features (scroll down for full prize list).

:bulletblue: Requirements: Watch me for contest updates, make awesome entry.

Bunnyleft-done by Yseulta Characters Bunnyright-done by Yseulta

The Right Hand by Yseulta  Reference Sheet - Roselle by Yseulta
Roselle, the main character - a young Lamian girl who finds herself caught in the middle of two superiors: her High Exalted, Arden, who seems to believe Roselle can get to the bottom of who has been kidnapping their people by spying on Catt, and Catt herself, who is Roselle's Necromancy tutor, and who Roselle believes is innocent. Torn between these two sides and haunted by her own sins, Roselle is indecisive, eager to please, and desperate to atone.

The High Necromancer by Yseulta  Reference Sheet - Catt by Yseulta
Catt, master of High Necromancy and apparent target of Exalted Arden's suspicions, is delighted to take Roselle on as her very first student. Specialising in re-animating dead rabbits (she has 56 of them, after all), Catt is a prodigy of Necromancy and also highly skilled in other fields of magic. She loves and appreciates all things "grotesque" (and is amused by the squeamishness of others). Seeing Roselle as somewhat of a broken creature, Catt secretly vows to help her reach her potential in Necromancy.

The Metalworker by Yseulta  Reference Sheet - Lotte by Yseulta
Lotte, Roselle's best friend from a young age, is a Lamia from a neighboring village who, at the start of the story, has just started her apprenticeship in Metalworking, which involves the use of fire magic to turn the earth's metals into more useful materials. Super-smart, but shy around new people, although you would never guess she was shy when you see her with her close friends. Incredibly loyal and upbeat, she can break Roselle out of any bad moods.

The Potion Master by Yseulta  Reference Sheet - Morgan by Yseulta
Morgan, Catt's best friend, landlady, and confidant. Inseparably close with Catt since the moment they were born, Morgan (though undoubtedly less powerful in magic than Catt) is protective of Catt to the point of being territorial. At first incredibly suspicious of Roselle who, to Morgan, was a sudden and unbidden intruder into their life, in time Morgan warms to her and believes in Roselle's love of Necromancy and of Catt.

The High Exalted by Yseulta  Reference Sheet - Arden by Yseulta
High Exalted Arden, ruler of Roselle's village, leader of the Lamia, and one of only five living Lamia who survived the war between the humans and the Lamia 900 years ago. Though stern and strong, she is seen as a kind and just ruler, always putting the needs of her people above her own - however, to those close to her, she lets her more jaded and manipulative side be seen. She strives for peace between the humans and the Lamia, wanting to avoid another war, but this recent business with Lamia disappearing from the forest has got her pretty distracted. She ropes Roselle in to do her dirty work.

The Second Exalted by Yseulta  Reference Sheet - Eithne by Yseulta
Exalted Eithne, ruler of the village Catt grew up in, another Lamia who survived the Human-Lamia war, High Exalted Arden's sister and true enemy. She is the highest practitioner of Necromancy and taught Catt everything she knows. Reclusive, stubborn and quick to anger, Eithne hates following orders and not-so-secretly thinks that trying to attain peace between the humans and Lamia is a joke. Loves Catt to the point of obsession, and doesn't seem to care for much else - save for her pet vulture.

:bulletblue:More Lamia Art:bulletblue:

Bunnyleft-done by Yseulta Prizes Bunnyright-done by Yseulta

OKAY, brownie points for everyone who read all that - and extra brownie points for anyone who's been keeping up with my characters before now. Now, onto the prizes! And if you're feeling generous, let me know if anyone would like to donate more prizes!

1st Place:
Winner's Package from AnotherContestGroup
1 year Core (or points/paypal equivalent)
Portait commission from me
:new: 7x10 watercolour of acrylic painting from BromocresolGreen
Bust commission from Schraubenhirn
500 points
Llama and watch from me
Personalised journal feature

2nd Place:
Winner's Package from AnotherContestGroup
6 month Core (or points/paypal equivalent)
Chibi commission from me
:new: 7x10 watercolour of acrylic painting from BromocresolGreen
250 points
Llama and watch from me
Personalised journal feature

3rd Place
Winner's Package from AnotherContestGroup
3 month Core (or points/paypal equivalent)
100 points
Llama and watch from me
Personalised journal feature

All entries will be featured in a journal, but the three winners will each get their own journal feature with more of their art.

Bunnyleft-done by Yseulta Deadline Bunnyright-done by Yseulta

July 1st! 

Bunnyleft-done by Yseulta Judging Bunnyright-done by Yseulta

Judging will be based on technical skill, creativity, and character accuracy - not necessarily accuracy of outfits and such, but mostly accuracy of personality. For example, Catt loves to raise undead bunnies, so you wouldn't draw her with a pack of dogs, etc.

Bunnyleft-done by Yseulta Other Rules and Information Bunnyright-done by Yseulta

Please favourite this journal if you're interested, and watch me if you plan on joining - this is the best way to keep track of updates. To submit your entry, post a link or a thumbnail of it to the comments section on this journal and I'll add it to a folder in my favourites for this contest.

I will not be commenting on any entries during the run of the contest, but after judging and announcing the winners, I will go through and comment on every entry.

Feel free to ask any other questions about the contest, or about the characters! This is my first contest in a looooong time, and I wrote this journal in between putting laundry away and eating midnight Cheerios, so I'm aware I might be lacking in some information. Don't hesitate to ask! :hug:

Good luck, and thank you to all who read this far, and double-thanks for all who are interested in joining! :heart:



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The Right Hand by Yseulta
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